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Hi - Micah and Bella here. Our story? It could be a lot like yours.

Our story is a familiar one and starts like a lot of others - stale, limited, and unfulfilled, shuffling through life like 'we're supposed to" Then we snapped out of it – no more draining our virtue into the system. It was time to dig in and grow it back into our own "garden". So, we decided to forfeit the familiar and run after our purpose, and taking amazing people like you with us. 

Fast forward a few years, and now we have established a business dedicated to helping others recognize their potential and pursue it. We handle their digital needs, allowing them to run their physical business without worry. We are beyond thankful and find joy in assisting others every single day.


Micah and Bella are proud parents of a full service branding agency and two vibrant boys named Solace and Remnant. When they're not behind a computer, they can often be found engrossed in a DIY project or exploring the aisles of TJ MAXX. Bella watches Gilmore Girls every September and Micah is watching his weight. 

If you've got a dream, then you'll fit right in with us! We can't wait to help you.

The foundation

Dig into our guiding ideals

We believe every conversation and contract is led with honesty and honor.  We uphold a safe space for new ideas, ensuring everyone has a voice. We push creativity, and we hope you feel that. When working with us, your business becomes our "business", and we make unified decisions. We strive for innovation in every detail. We go the extra mile and we have a hunger for everything "outside of the box".



Our heart

The roots of our mission

In the beginning, there was God, Man, and prime real estate. Man was given the eternal gift to tend and care for that land. Now, thousands of years later, we have a choice between producing for others or forging our own path. Chase Gardens is not just a title; it's a call to action. To take step after step towards reaching the most fulfilling place we can ever be: our purpose.

Our mission extends beyond finding our own "garden"; we aim to help others in discovering theirs.
If you have a dream, you already have a destination, but sometimes you need someone with a roadmap.
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