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The Greenhouse

An all-inclusive brand kit for your small to medium business

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Your Comprehensive Branding Solution. This all-in-one package provides a budget friendly, fast turnaround, well-defined deliverables where you won't second guess what's happening behind the scenes. ,Our team of brand strategists, designers, and copywriters collaborates seamlessly to craft your brand positioning, identity, and assets, offering exceptional value compared to traditional agency costs.


Stop and smell the roses...
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  • Spend the weekend connecting with your local community instead of panic posting.
  • You can prioritize building strong relationships with your existing customers, securing their return.
  • Breathe easy knowing that every individual directed to your website or social media channels will be moved to engage with your content or offerings.
  • You'll feel like an expert with the easy-to-use content calendars and schedules provided, all while achieving meaningful results.
  • You now have time to motivate and nurture your team's skills and talents.
  • Take more time looking at your financial strategies instead of blindly designing a website.
  • Channel your energy into creating a healthy work-life balance for yourself and your team, unlocking creativity and boosting productivity.

A Budget-Friendly Solution With Clearly Defined Outcomes.

We know starting (or re-starting) your brand can be scary. That's why we've initiated the Greenhouse! It simplifies the journey, enabling you to start from the ground up with confidence and support at every step.

From a stunning logo design to a comprehensive brand guide, and brand assets, The Greenhouse includes everything you need to create a powerful brand identity that will scale and grow with you.

Greenhouse Base

Only The Fundamentals.

Get a logo, color palette, typography pairing and style guide.


Greenhouse Pro 

Foundations + Social Strategy

Upgrade your Base package with custom social media strategy! Elevate your online presence with exclusive social media templates, a strategic posting schedule, and compelling story prompts. Plus, supercharge your strategy with a 90-minute one-on-one coaching session.

Greenhouse Elite

Personal Coaching To
Nurture Success

Experience the unmatched power and luxury of the Pro, now complemented by 60 days of continuous coaching. Ensure that the strategy is tailor-made for your brand and witness the exceptional results firsthand.

Our goal is to delicately generate your brand, helping it take root, nurturing it through personalized coaching, and ultimately transplanting it for full success into your capable hands.

As our ultimate goal is your success, if you prefer us to handle the substantial work after the completion of your package, we provide a discounted retainer rate for all our Greenhouse clients!

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